Mary Immaculate Virgin and Mother – Acies Ordinata, ora pro nobis

Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò responds to Pope Francis who said that Mary as co-redemptrix was foolishness.

Published in Italian in Corrispondenza Romana. English translation follows.

So says the Lord God who creates the heavens and unfolds them ,

stretches the earth with what is born there,

it gives breath to the people who live there

and the breath of those who walk on it:

«I am the Lord: this is my Name;

I will not give my glory to others,

nor my honor to idols … »

The Lord advances like a brave man,

how a warrior excites his ardor;

scream and shout the war cry,

he shows himself valiant against his enemies.

For a long time I kept silent,

I kept silent, I contented myself;

now I will cry like a woman in labor ,

I will moan and work together.

I will make mountains and hills arid,

I will make all their grass dry;

I will transform the rivers into the mainland and drain the swamps….

They go back full of shame

how many hope for an idol, how many say to the statues:

“You are our gods.” …

Who abandoned Jacob to plunder,

Israel to Marauders?

Was it not the Lord they sinned against,

not having wanted to walk its ways

and not having observed his law?

He therefore poured out on him

his burning anger and the violence of the war.

Divine anger wrapped him in his flames

without him noticing,

he burned it, without paying attention to it.

(Isaiah 42, 5-17)

* * *


“Is there anything else in the heart of the Virgin Mary besides the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ? We too want to have only one name in our hearts: that of Jesus, like the Blessed Virgin . “

The tragic parable of this Pontificate advances with a constant succession of twists. There is no day that passes: from the highest throne the Supreme Pontiff proceeds to dismantle the See of Peter, using and abusing the supreme authority, not to confess but to deny; not to confirm but to mislead; not to unite but to divide; not to build but to demolish.

Material heresies, formal heresies, idolatry, superficiality of all sorts: the Supreme Pontiff Bergoglio does not cease to humiliate the highest authority of the Church, “demythologizing” the Papacy – as perhaps the illustrious comrade Karl Rahner would say. Its action aims to violate the Sacred Deposit and to scar the Catholic Face of the Bride of Christ, by saying and doing, with dissimulations and lies, with those blatant gestures of ostentatious spontaneity, but meticulously conceived and planned , through which he exalts himself, in a continuous narcissistic self-celebration, while the figure of the Roman Pontiff is humiliated, that of the Sweet Christ on earth obscured.

His action makes use of the magisterial improvisation, of that magisterium by arm, liquid, insidious as the quicksand, not only at high altitude, at the mercy of journalists from all over the world, in those ethereal spaces that can highlight a pathological delusion of illusory omnipotence, but also in the context of the most solemn functions which should inspire sacred tremor and reverent respect.

On the occasion of the Memory of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Pope Bergoglio gave vent once again, to his evident Marian impatience, which evokes that of the Serpent in the story of the Fall, in that Proto-gospel that prophesies the radical enmity placed by God between the Woman and the Serpent, and the declared hostility of the latter who, until the end of time, will try to undermine the Calcane of the Woman and to triumph over her and her posterity. That of the Pontiff is a manifest aggression against the sublime prerogatives and attributes that make the Immaculate Evergreen Mother of God the feminine complement to the mystery of the Incarnate Word, intimately associated with Him in the Economy of the Redemption.

After downgrading her to “next door neighbor”, or the fleeing migrant, or the simple laywoman with the flaws and crises of any woman marked by sin, or still to the disciple, who obviously has nothing to teach us; after trivializing and desacralizing her, like those feminists who are gaining ground in Germany with their movement “Maria 2.0”, aimed at modernizing the Madonna to make it a simulacrum, in their image and likeness, Pope Bergoglio further raged on Augusta Queen and Immaculate Mother of God, who “mingled with humanity … and mingled God himself”. With a couple of jokes, he struck the Marian and Christological dogma at heart.

Marian dogmas are the seal placed on the Catholic truths of our faith, defined in the councils of Nicea, Ephesus and Chalcedon; they are the unbreakable bulwark against Christological heresies and against the furious unleashing of the Gates of Hell. Those who “mix” them and profane them show that they are on the side of the Enemy. To attack Mary is to rush against Christ himself; to attack the Mother is to rise against the Son and rebel against the mystery of the Holy Trinity itself. The Immaculate Theotokos, “terrible as deployed troops and banners” – ordained acies – will battle to save the Church and destroy the army of the enemy loosened by the chains that declared war on her, and with him all demonic pachamama will return definitively to the hell.

Pope Bergoglio no longer seems to contain his impatience towards the Immaculate Conception, and he cannot even hide it under that apparent and ostentatious devotion, always in the spotlight of the cameras, while he is deserting the solemn celebration of the Assumption and the recitation of the Rosary with the faithful, who filled the courtyard of San Damaso and the upper loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica with St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Pope Bergoglio makes use of pachamama to defeat Guadalupana. The enthronement of that Amazonian idol right up to the Altar of Confession in St. Peter’s was nothing less than a declaration of war on the Lady and Patroness of all the Americas, who with her appearance in Juan Diego destroyed the demonic idols and has conquered to Christ and to the adoration of the “Most True and Only God” the Indians, thanks to his maternal Mediation. And this is not a legend!

A few weeks after the epilogue of the synodal event that marked the investiture of pachamama in the heart of Catholicity, we learned that the conciliar disaster of the Novus Ordo Missae undergoes further modernizations, including the introduction of the “Dew” in the Eucharistic Canon. instead of the mention of the Holy Spirit, third person of the Holy Trinity.

It is a further step in the direction of regression towards the naturalization and immanentisation of the Catholic Cult, towards a Novissimus Ordopantheistic and idolatrous. The “Dew”, an entity present in the “theological place” of the Amazonian tropics, – as we learned from the synod fathers – appears as the new immanent principle of fertilization of the Earth, that “transubstantiation” in a pantheistically connected Whole, to which men they are assimilated and submitted to the glory of pachamama. And here we are plunged back into the darkness of a global and eco-tribal New Paganism, with its demons and perversions. From this umpteenth liturgical upheaval, divine Revelation decays from fullness to archaism; from the hypostatic identity of the Holy Spirit we slide down towards the symbolic and metaphorical evanescence proper to dew, which Masonic gnosis has made its own for some time.

But let’s return for a moment to the idolatrous statues, of rare ugliness, and to the declaration of Pope Bergoglio in the aftermath of their removal from the church in Transpontina and from their drowning in the Tiber. Also this time, the words of the Pope have the scent of a colossal lie: he made us believe that the statues were promptly exhumed by the dirty waters thanks to the intervention of the carabinieri. We wonder astonished why a VaticanNews troupe , coordinated by Tornielli and Spadaro of Civiltà Cattolica, with reporters and cameramen of the court press, did not rush to film the feats of the divers and immortalize the rescue of the pachamama. The fact that such a spectacular operation did not catch the attention of some passers-by, equipped with a mobile phone to film and then relaunch the scoop on social media, is also unlikely. We are tempted to turn the question to the one who made this statement. Certainly, this time too, he would reply with his eloquent silence.

For more than six years now, we have been poisoned by a false magisterium, a sort of extreme synthesis of all the equivocal conciliar formulations and post-conciliar errors that have unstoppably propagated, without the majority of us noticing. Yes, because the Second Vatican opened, in addition to the Pandora’s Box, also the Overton Window, and in such a gradual way that one did not realize the upheavals put in place, the authentic nature of the reforms, their dramatic consequences, and not even the suspicion of those who really were in charge of that gigantic subversive operation, which the modernist cardinal Suenens called “1789 of the Catholic Church”.

Thus, over the past few decades, the Mystical Body has been slowly drained of its lifeblood through unstoppable bleeding: the sacred Deposit of Faith has been gradually dilapidated, the Dogmas denatured, the Secularized and gradually desecrated Cult, Moral sabotaged, the reviled Priesthood, the Protestantized Eucharistic Sacrifice and transformed into a convivial Banquet…

Now the Church is lifeless, covered with metastases, devastated. God’s people are groping, illiterate and robbed of their faith, in the darkness of chaos and division. In recent decades, the enemies of God have progressively made the scorched earth of two thousand years of Tradition. With unprecedented acceleration, thanks to the subversive charge of this pontificate supported by the powerful Jesuit apparatus, a deadly coup de grace is being delivered to the Church.

With Pope Bergoglio – as with all modernists – it is impossible to seek clarity, since the hallmark of modernist heresy is precisely dissimulation. Masters of error and experts in the art of deception, “strive to make universally accept what is ambiguous, presenting it from its harmless side, which will serve as a passport to introduce the toxic side, which at the beginning was kept hidden” (P.   Matteo Liberatore SI). Thus the lie, obstinately and obsessively repeated, ends up becoming “true” and accepted by the majority.

Typically modernist is also the tactic of affirming what one wants to destroy, using vague and imprecise terms, promoting the error without ever formulating it clearly. This is exactly what Pope Bergoglio does, with his dissolving amorphism of the Mysteries of the Faith, with the doctrinal approximation that belongs to him, through which he “mingles” and demolishes the holiest dogmas, as he did with the Marian ones of the Evergreen Mother of God.

The result of this abuse is what we now have before our eyes: a Catholic Church that is no longer Catholic; a container emptied of its authentic contents and filled with catch goods.

The advent of the Antichrist is inevitable, it is part of the epilogue of the History of Salvation. But we know that it is the premise for the universal triumph of Christ and his glorious Bride. How many of us have not been fooled by these enemies of the Church, fostered in the ecclesial body, must unite and face common against the evil one, long defeated, yet still able to harm and provoke the eternal perdition of multitudes, but to which the Most Holy Virgin, our Leader, will definitively crush her head.

Now it’s up to us. Without misunderstandings, without letting ourselves be chased away by this Church of which we are legitimate children and in which we have the sacred right to feel at home, without the hateful horde of the enemies of Christ making us feel marginalized, schismatic and excommunicated.

Now it’s up to us! The triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – Coredemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces – passes through her “little ones”, certainly fragile, and sinners, but with an absolutely contrary sign to the members enrolled in the army of the Enemy. “Small” consecrated, without any limit, to the Immaculate Conception, for being his heel, the most humiliated and most despised part, most hated by hell, but who together with you will crush the head of the infernal monster.

St. Louis Maria Grignion de Montfort asked himself: “but when will this triumph take place? God only knows. “Our task is to watch and pray as ardently recommended by Saint Catherine of Siena:” Alas! I die and I can’t die. Do not sleep in negligence anymore; use what you can in the present time. Comfort in Christ Jesus sweet love. Drown in the Blood of Christ crucified, place yourselves on the cross with Christ crucified, hide in the wounds of Christ crucified, bathe in the blood of Christ crucified “(Letter 16).

The Church is shrouded in the darkness of modernism, but the victory belongs to Our Lord and his bride. We want to continue professing the Church’s perennial faith in the face of the roar of Evil that besieges it. We want to watch with her and with Jesus in this new Gethsemane of the end of time; pray and do penance in reparation for the many offenses caused to them.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò

Archbishop. tit. from Ulpiana

Apostolic Nuncio

19 December 2019

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