This is not your typical book on Purgatory. There are many books in circulation that terrify their reader on this topic and leads them to devotions for the holy souls out of fear. They are taught that their suffering will be worse in Purgatory if they don’t do more to help the holy souls. Over time, the fear dissipates and so do the devotions. What these books accomplish are short term results which the reader quickly forgets and then has little interest in the plight of the holy souls.

Purgatory 101 takes the approach that in order to truly help the holy souls, we need to have a clear understanding of who they are, why they are there, and what can be done for them. This understanding cannot be rooted in fear. It must come from a love for them as our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering and need our help. We help them because we want to and not from a scrupulous fear of punishment if we ignore them.

This book is a compilation of 13 years of articles on the Holy Souls Online web site. Content has been edited and added to make it more readable and suitable for an e-book. The wonderful thing about an e-book is that it can easily be updated without a costly print run. If you join the mailing list for Holy Souls Online, you will be kept informed of all updates to this book.

It is my hope that after you finish reading Purgatory 101, you will remember the holy souls daily in some daily devotion of your choice and that you will do more than attend an All Souls Day mass once a year.

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