Further Reading

To be ignorant of Scripture is to be ignorant of Christ.”

St. Jerome

The following is a list of sources for you to grow in knowledge in Purgatory.

1. The Bible

Every Catholic should read the Bible every day, but sadly, most do not. If you want a true devotion to the souls in Purgatory and if you want to have a positive effect influencing others in this devotion, you need to read and understand the Bible, in particular the Gospels. Frank Sheed (a famous street corner apologist from the 20th Century) said that “a Catholic apologist who is not soaked in the Gospels is an anomaly in himself, and his work is doomed to aridity”.

2. Catholicism and Fundamentalism

If your promoting devotion to the holy souls, you will very likely be engaged in debates with unbelievers on Catholic doctrines. Most Catholics know very little of their faith and wouldn’t know how to explain Catholicism when cornered.

Karl Keating’s book, Catholicism and Fundamentalism, not only defines the major Catholic doctrines, but gives reasons why they should be believed. This is the role of an apologist: explaining and defending their faith. When I converted away from Protestant Fundamentalism, this book was instrumental in showing me that Catholicism was true and was founded by Jesus Christ. If you don’t understand your faith and can’t explain your beliefs, this book will show you Catholicism and answer your questions.

Karl Keating is the president of Catholic Answers (www.catholic.com), which is a great source of apologetics information.

3. Read Me or Rue It; How To Avoid Purgatory

This classical work will inspire you and touch your heart with a devotion to the holy souls. This is the first book I read on Purgatory, and I read it as a Protestant. It had such a great effect on me that years later I created a web site to promote devotion to the holy souls. This book can be purchased at most Catholic stores, or you can read it for free on my web site at www.ecclesiabytes.com.

4. Susan Tassone

Like Keating, Tassone is a lay person promoting Catholicism. She is an advocate of the holy souls and has written many inspirational and spiritual books on helping them. Susan can be found online at www.susantassone.com.

5. Ecclesia Bytes (new home of Holy Souls Online)

I started this web site in 1998 on the now shut down, GeoCities. This one was one of my first web sites and it was built when free hosting was very appealing that time. Holy Souls Online is an extensive resources on articles on Purgatory, devotions, and forums to ask questions or discuss ideas. The site evolved from static HTML pages on GeoCities to the content management system in use today. The site was eventually moved to www.holysouls.info, then later to www.holysoulsonline.com. Its content is now on www.ecclesiabytes.com.

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